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The Covid-19 pandemic has been a strange and scary time for most across the globe, with it affecting the majority of people and their business. Many have had to find ways of entertaining themselves through other avenues of their usual entertainment due to being limited on what they can do due to lockdown restrictions and social distancing rules set on us by the Government.

We have seen a trend during that period of traffic increasing as the lockdown deepened more and more punters found themselves on gambling sites and entertaining themselves with the use of these sites. Many thought that the gambling industry would be affected because of the limited sporting events being shown on the big screen, but it just seems that punters have found a way to adapt the type of gambling they require. Today we look deeper into what tips you require to ensure you are getting the most out of these markets and how best to play them.

When it comes to the casino side of things, our first tip would be to finds the best casino online that suits both yourself and the games you are desiring to play. There are many indicators to look out for when searching for the casino that it best for you; pay-out percentage and speed of payment, how compatible it is with your device of choice and the internet connection speed. Research can be done by checking reviews from other users and by doing this it will improve your gambling experience incredibly.

As well as researching for the best casinos, ensure you are playing on sites with the best bonus systems and look out for the offers that best suit you. Many online gambling sites will offer new customer sign up offers’, deposit bonuses as well as referring a friend bonuses – and let’s be honest, everything is better when doing it with family and friends. Some sites offer some amazing offers, it’s just about having to find them.

The final tip we will give you today is that now that live sporting events have returned to our screens, the betting markets have reopened ready for all the sports we have greatly missed during the lockdown. Ensure that you are using a betting sites that suits your style also, you can still find many Betting Sites Not on Gamstop. These sites don’t just offer the promise that you will never be restricted by schemes such as Gamstop, but also offer you some of the best odds on a wide variety of markets, along with huge deposit matches and big sign-up offers for all new customers!

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