The Top Reasons Why People Love Basketball

More than 25 million people play basketball around the world, and millions are in organizes leagues. There are also hundreds of college basketball programs that attract players and fans of every sort. In terms of professional basketball, it is one of the fastest growing sports I the world. The US based National Basketball Association is now hosting games in locations as far flung as China and the UK. Everywhere the games are played, new fans are created.  

Basketball is also one of the most bet on sports in the world. Whether it is college or professional, each week during basketball season hundreds of millions of dollars are bet with the majority of the betting now occurring online at top sites like

If you attend a basketball game it might become obvious why the sport is so popular. It is high action with lots of physicality and talent being displayed. If you have never seen a game or are still curious here are some of the top reasons why basketball s so popular today. 

Every Person Can Play

The great thing about basketball is that just about anyone can buy a basketball and go to a park and play. You do not really have to have any skill at the game although having some certainly helps. But you can have lots of fun alone or with friends just playing the game. You can play one on one all the way up to five on five and there are several skill games like horse you can play as well. So the game is lots of fun. You can also join a league team in your neighborhood and get some great exercise.

No Fancy Equipment Needed

Sports like Baseball, American Football, Hockey, and Cricket require you to purchase special equipment in order to play correctly. Basketball requires no special equipment at all and only requires the purchase of a basketball. Most local parks have a basketball court and in some cases they are indoors so you can play any time of the year and in any weather. 

It is Easy to Find People to Play With

Basketball is such a popular sport that you can always find someone to play with. If you ask around to your friends you will surely find a few who love the game and either play regularly or would love to start playing regularly with you. If you don’t have friends simply go to your local park and you will find pickup games being played regularly. You can just ask to join in and you should get picked for a game. By the way, bringing your own ball increases the odds you get in a game faster. 

Being a Basketball Fan is Cool

Without a doubt, the coolest sports stars are basketball players. They are the most admired and everyone wants to be like them. So if you want to be cool, wear a jersey from a top basketball star like LeBron James and you will immediately be looked at differently. 

When you consider all of the really cool and compelling things associated with basketball, it is easy to see why the sport continues to grow in popularity.

Marcelo Villa

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