Common Myths In Online Gambling

During the past few months, online gambling has found a huge surge in new players as many have turned to online casinos and betting sites during the lockdown – with sporting events back on track now too, the expectation is that this growth may continue for quite some time, but with this growth comes a number of new players that may have misconceptions around online betting and gambling – so what are some of the common myths?

Online alternatives are rigged

Perhaps the biggest myth is that because you’re unable to see the dealer, machine, or odds in front of you, the games must be rigged. This is however very much untrue, online casinos and betting sites are regulated and have to be licensed by a national gambling commission to ensure safety and fairness for users, the random number generator software used for something in slots for example is monitored and approved to ensure that there’s no weighting in the casino favour. If you’ve been playing and feeling like you aren’t winning, it’s more likely that it’s just a string of bad luck rather than the game being rigged.

Online gambling is more addictive

This is a common myth and has even led to the introduction of preventative measures such as Gamstop aimed at reducing players from participating in a number of sites, many operators choose to register in other countries such as Maximum Casinos for this very reason. But the thought that online alternatives are more addictive is just a myth – despite the ability to have more access and more regularly, offline locations don’t track any of your information where online alternatives do – they can measure how often you log in and how long you play for, along with how much you’ve spent, and with this can be much more proactive if they find players developing a problem.

Bonuses are unobtainable

There’s a common thought that bonuses aren’t obtainable because of how difficult they may be to achieve – but that’s precisely the point. Whilst it’s advised to stay away from sign up bonuses that may seem too good to be true, in play bonuses are there to serve as a little extra if you do happen to hit the bonus – it’s important to know that very much with the first point of these sites not being rigged, is that these bonuses aren’t guaranteed, and that they’re difficult to obtain to encourage further play and meeting further deposit targets.

Despite efforts to reduce usership over the past few months, online betting and gambling has remained extremely popular and has led many new users to playing – if you’re one of these new users be sure to check out other common myths as there’s a lot you may think is true that isn’t! It’s also important to remember to gamble responsibly, especially now as many of us are stuck at home are looking for ways to fill our time, it’s important to bet and gamble as safely as possible.

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