US Sport Betting On Its Way Back – What To Expect

There’s still some dates to be announced as the NBA is currently the only big US sport to announce a sure return date, but it is expected that others may shortly follow as Baseball has been set to make an announcement following recent news with rules on the 2020 season, the only big holdout now is the NBA – fortunately all three have a solid building block to learn from as sporting across Europe has went seemingly without a hitch. 

Faster schedules, plenty of changes

The first thing to keep in mind is that in order to see the 19/20 season out to a close, all of these organisations will need to play at an enhanced schedule to fit all the required games in. This had already been announced in the NBA as only the 22 teams able to make playoffs will be able to play at the Disneyland Resort, similarly the MLB has outlined its deadlines for the end of the season – this is great news for fans, as there’s going to be plenty to watch. This does come with its own risks, it has been suggested in European soccer that players may be at 25% increased chance of injury due to the more demanding schedule, which will likely remain true in US sports too. 

A great opportunity for betting

With a packed schedule, punters are sure to be happy, so many games close together provide exciting betting opportunities – some markets have seen some change in regulation, in the UK the recent change to the Gamstop initiative may prevent some players from being able to bet but a number of operators are choosing to register outside of the country, these ones at The Best Casinos are some of the more favoured ones too. With so many sporting events starting up at the same time too, there’s a wide range of betting options available to punters too.

Some rule and operational changes, but that might not be a bad thing

The biggest glaring change has been seen with events continuing without any fans in attendance, and although there may be changes to allow some fans back in a limited capacity, this doesn’t diminish the events at all and instead adds a new dynamic. It also provides broadcasters to try new things, without the reliance on panning to crowds cheering and the background noise, in many sports there may be an opportunity to offer unique perspectives or changes to usual operations. 

Whatever you’re looking for, it’s an exciting  time for sports fans despite the past two or three months of downtime, and once they get started it seems there’s going to be no stopping them as many will have nonstop action until September, at which time the next season will begin anyway – there’s also the many other events that have been postponed to look forward to as well, we could start to see more big changes that define the future of many big sporting events.

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