2020 NFL Week 1 Results Guide: 5 Dogs Who Surprised the Opening Game

In every NFL tournament, the fans can expect all teams to come tougher that represents each conference. Both the defense and offense line should have the most reliable man to tap to make their playoffs more remarkable. It’s the reason before the regular season begins, the NFL Draft takes place to pave the way for each group to make necessary player adjustments.

The 2020 NFL campaign had started a few days ago, and the Week 1 Playoffs were all done. Although many expectations were met, some fans were left astounded as surprises are already coming out during the opening day. The teams who are less valued appeared to be successful compared to the huge favorites.

Like football experts usually say, there is no harm cheering for the underdogs as they have a higher chance of winning the game. So, before we head on to the Week 2 Playoff schedule, which will happen in the next few weeks, let’s meet the biggest underdog picks who dazzled well in the NFL opening day.

Washington Redskins

Representing the NFC East, the Washington Redskins seem to be the most undervalued teams in the Division and the whole league. They have a five-year drought in the playoffs and have not won any title since 2017. During the opening day, the team devastated the Eagles after Dwayne Haskins threw 178 yards and one touchdown.

Because of Haskins’ focus, the final score ended in 27-17 in favor of the Redskins. Not only Haskins did his job, but other key players had contributed to the team’s success. In the rushing department, Peyton Barber made17 carries in 29 yards. For the receiving area, Terry McLaurin made five receptions in 61 yards.

Jacksonville Jaguars

With a final score of 27-20, the Jacksonville Jaguars won their opening game against the Indianapolis Colts. These teams had faced many challenges during the pre-season but looked more determined after winning their first game. Philip Rivers, who had a debut run for the Colts, was left upset after getting defeated.

The Jaguars did not make huge adjustments talking about their roster, but the players did their homework well. Gardner Minshew, the Jaguars starting quarterback, had accomplished three touchdowns. Also, Keelan Cole made a 22-yarder reception during the last quarter, which made them victorious.

Chicago Bears

The Chicago Bears had tasted their first victory in the opening game after dispatching the Detroit Lions in the NFC North. The Bears are one of this year’s biggest underdogs who last appeared in the 2018 league playoffs. During their game, the first two quarters were crucial, but in the last quarter, the Bears left the Lions to a final score of 27-23.

Matt Nagy didn’t take a slip of forming a  more solid roster this year for the team. During the opening game, Mitch Trubisky showed an emphatic performance tallying three touchdowns and 26 rushing yards. Aside from him, David Montgomery contributed a lot by making 64 rushing yards while Allen Robinson accomplished five receptions in 74 yards.

New Orleans Saints

The New Orleans Saints had faced the year’s biggest favorite, an NFL host, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. The Saints had probably made the biggest surprise this year by turning down the Bucs and edging the Brady and Gron tandem. Before they met, the fans were expecting the Bucs to win, but the game turned out the other way around with a final score of 34-23.

Despite his age, the Saints quarterback, Drew Brees, has shown an impressive performance during the opening game. He recorded two touchdowns in 160 yards passing. Apart from him, the rushing department was also effective for the Saints, where Latavius Murray created 48 rushing yards while Jared Cook had finished eight receptions in 80 yards.

Los Angeles Rams

The Los Angeles Rams won their last NFC West Division title in 2018. Last year, they failed to appear in the league playoffs taking the underdog bet in today’s NFL season. During the opening day, the Rams were a bit upset before the game began but managed to defeat the Dallas Cowboys in a 20-17 game.

Their head coach, Sean McVay, lay the best weapons in the field and resulted in a winning stint. Although Jared Goff did not make any touchdown, other players did their homework both in the offense and defense line. Malcolm Brown recorded 18 carries in 79 yards, Robert Woods tallied six receptions in 105 yards, and Micah Kiser made six tackles.


The NFL Week 1 Playoffs was full of suspense and surprises where some of the biggest underdogs came out victorious against the favorites. It only proves that the NFL every year provides quality and unpredictable matches that every football fan must not miss. Wil the five underdogs above maintain their winning streak in the coming playoffs schedule? We’ll look forward to that.

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