Florida State #1 in Both Polls

One week after dropping to #2 in the Coaches Poll, Florida State is back to #1 thanks to one of the wildest weekends in the history of college football. Five of the top 8 teams went down and they were: #1 Alabama, #3 Oregon, #4 Oklahoma, #6 Texas A&M, and #8 UCLA. Teams #14-#18 also went down, meaning 10 of the top 25 teams lost. Florida State is the only unbeaten team in the Coaches Poll to have played two currently ranked teams (#18 Oklahoma State and #25 Clemson).

According to Brian Fremeau at Football Outsiders, FSU had played the toughest schedule of any unbeaten team coming into this weekend, but is not getting any love from the polls or the media.

Florida State has also not played all 22 projected starters at any point this year due to injuries, and has played 18 true freshmen, yet still remains undefeated. That didn’t stop an ESPN anchor from stating that FSU took Wake Forest “down to the wire” on Sunday, and multiple ESPN “experts” to completely remove FSU from it’s four-team playoff predictions, including Robert Smith who instead put Mississippi State, Ole Miss and even TCU(!) in his final four. TCU was ranked #25 entering Saturday before downing #4 Oklahoma.

Florida State remains #1 in the Associated Press Top 25 Poll:
1 Florida State
2 Auburn
3 Mississippi State, Ole Miss (tie)
5 Baylor
6 Notre Dame
7 Alabama
8 Michigan State
10 Arizona
11 Oklahoma
12 Oregon
13 Georgia
14 Texas A&M
15 Ohio State
16 Oklahoma State
17 Kansas State
19 East Carolina
20 Arizona State
21 Nebraska
22 Georgia Tech
23 Missouri
24 Utah
25 Stanford

The Coaches Poll Top 25:
1 Florida State
2 Auburn
3 Baylor
4 Ole Miss
5 Notre Dame
6 Mississippi State
7 Alabama
8 Michigan State
9 Oklahoma
10 Georgia
11 Oregon
12 TCU
13 Arizona
14 Texas A&M
15 Ohio State
16 Kansas State
18 Oklahoma State
19 East Carolina
20 Arizona State
21 Nebraska
22 Stanford
23 Georgia Tech
24 Missouri
25 Clemson

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